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Fall in love with your smile with mini dental implants by Dr. Seerat Mann. Our dentist is passionate about providing mini dental implants in Phoenix. Her craft and care can give you a smile that looks and feels amazing!

In the Sonoran Desert lies the metropolis city nicknamed “the Valley of the Sun” aka Phoenix, Arizona. With a population of over a million people, Phoenix has a lot to offer. This city has been the host of several Superbowls. There are so many gorgeous places to hike. There are many museums in the valley that you could spend the day at. For some, the best thing Phoenix has to offer is the cuisine. You can miss out on a lot when you have missing teeth. Getting mini dental implants in Phoenix can be life-changing.

Our dentist, Dr. Seerat Mann provides treatment for people who are missing their teeth and want to improve the function and appearance of their smile. This is a restorative dental treatment that can allow you to have a fresh start. You may be interested in mini dental implants if you are missing one tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth. They can be a good alternative to traditional dental implants, bridges, or full dentures.

If you want to get started on getting a brand new smile that feels and looks great, you can set up a free consultation. This first meeting with our dentist is your chance to ask any questions that are weighing heavy on your mind about the dental implant procedure. It is also a chance to get to know Dr. Seerat Mann and her team who will be caring for you. We want you to feel as comfortable and informed as possible. We will answer any questions you may have to you are comfortable moving forward with whatever treatment you decide on.

Love Your Smile Again!

You may be self-conscious about your smile if you are missing teeth. We see a lot of patients who have teeth missing for many different reasons. Sometimes it is an accident that causes you to lose your teeth. Athletes commonly lose teeth when they are in contact sports. Pregnancy is also a reason some women may lose their teeth. Hormonal changes can affect your dental health. Inadequate oral health is also a primary reason many people lose their teeth as poor oral hygiene can result in tooth loss.

Losing teeth has been described as traumatizing, embarrassing, and uncomfortable. If you feel deeply emotionally affected by losing your teeth, you are not alone. Getting mini dental implants in Phoenix can change your life for the better. You have likely been through a myriad of emotions as a result of your tooth loss. There is certainly an emotional aspect but losing teeth can also affect your health. If you cannot chew normally, your overall health can be negatively impacted.

There are several reasons why you might want mini dental implants in Phoenix. If you have one tooth missing and it is a smaller tooth such as an incisor, you won’t be able to get a traditional implant because they are typically too big for smaller teeth. If you have less bone density than is required to get a traditional implant, a mini dental implant might be right for you.

If you have a few teeth missing in a row, we can use mini dental implants to give you a bridge replacement. And lastly, if you are completely missing your teeth, we can provide you with snap-on dentures that get placed onto your mini implants.

Get A Free Consultation For Mini Dental Implants in Phoenix

You do not have to go throughout life being ashamed of your smile. Dr. Seerat Mann would be happy to provide you with the highest quality mini dental implants in Phoenix. Many people have described getting dental implants as a life-changing treatment that gave them increased confidence, function, and hope for their future.

Tooth loss can be horrible to go through, but we want to give you a fresh start. Please contact our office to get started with a free consultation for mini dental implants in Phoenix.