The Implant-Retained Denture Process

In this video, Scottsdale, AZ dentist Dr. Seerat Mann explains the entirety of the sequence involved for an implant-stabilized denture solution.

When you visit my office for implant-supported dentures, our process is structured as follows: during your initial appointment, I will conduct an X-ray and thoroughly explain the entire procedure as well as discuss financing options with you. Once we have finalized the treatment plan and financing arrangements, I will proceed to take impressions on the same day, initiating the denture creation process.

The denture fabrication process typically spans three to four visits. On the fourth visit, once your denture is ready, I will place six mini dental implants on your upper jaw and four on your lower jaw. After implant placement, I will securely attach the dentures to these implants, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods immediately.

If you are currently dealing with a loose denture or are interested in learning more about implant-supported dentures, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to assisting you in regaining your confidence and comfort in eating.