What Are Mini Implants?

What Are Mini Implants

If you have missing teeth, you are likely looking for information about how to resolve this embarrassing issue. Our Scottsdale dentist is trained to provide mini implants for patients who have missing teeth. To learn more about how a mini implant is different than a dental implant, please keep reading. If you would like to meet with Dr. Seerat Mann for a free consultation, give us a call right away.

What Are Mini Implants Used For?

If you have heard of dental implants, you know that they are used to replace missing teeth. The significant difference between a traditional and mini implant is the size of the screw that gets placed into the jawbone. A mini implant is much smaller than a traditional implant.

A mini implant will be used for a few reasons. If you do not have enough jawbone structure to hold a traditional implant or you are missing a smaller tooth, a mini implant will be favored.

They can also be used to anchor bridges where there are several missing teeth in a row as well as an anchor for snap in dentures.

Process of Getting Mini Implants Placed

One of the benefits of mini dental implants is that the process of getting them placed is not as invasive as traditional dental implants. You will be able to get your treatment done within usually just one visit at your dentist’s office. This is compared to the many visits it takes to get traditional implants.

You will not need sutures with a mini implant. They are much simpler to place. This is a treatment that our dentist does under local anesthesia.

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Flexible Financing Available

We want to be able to help everyone. Having missing teeth can negatively affect your self-esteem as well as your overall health. You may not be able to chew food normally. Your speech may be affected. Your other teeth can start shifting which will eventually change your bite.

Not everyone is going to be able to afford to pay for their mini implants with one payment. This can deter a lot of people away from a much-needed treatment. That is why we are very glad to accept financing plans. Instead of one lump payment, you can set up a plan to pay for your treatment in budget-friendly monthly payments.

If you would like to learn more about the financing plans that we accept, please give us a call right away. We would be more than happy to help you figure out how to get your much-needed treatment.

Call Our Scottsdale Dentist Today

If you have been looking for a solution to your missing teeth, please give us a call right away. We would be happy to set you up with a free consultation with Dr. Seerat Mann and her team. You can get all of your questions answered and discuss any concerns that you have about the treatment.

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