Alternatives to Braces: Krystal Klear Aligners

Alternatives to Braces Krystal Klear Aligners

Do you or your child have crooked teeth that you want to be fixed? Perhaps traditional braces do not interest you due to the way they turn your smile into a metallic display. We would love to help you learn more about the alternatives to braces.

Please keep reading to learn about Krystal Klear aligners and other options you may be interested in aside from traditional braces. We would be glad to set up your free consultation with our Scottsdale dentist when you give us a call right away.

DIY Alternatives to Braces

You have likely seen advertisements about clear aligners that promise to fix your smile from the comfort of your home. You should note that it is against the advisory of the American Dental Associate to use clear aligners from a manufacturer directly for DIY orthodontic treatment. To align your teeth safely and effectively, having the supervision of a dentist is vitally important.

While there is an uptick in the number of companies boasting at-home orthodontia that rivals treatments like Krystal Klear aligners, orthodontists have found that it comes with a cost.

You run the risk of having results that will end up with you needing further orthodontic treatment in an office to correct the issues these DIY products have caused.

Some people have even complained that their DIY kit caused their teeth to become loose because the trays moved their teeth too quickly.

These types of alternatives to braces are not necessarily the best option you have. We strongly advise that you at least reach out to a dentist for a free consultation before you opt-in for DIY orthodontics.

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It helps to meet with a dentist before committing to one of these mail-in kits that may ruin your teeth. We would be happy to get you set up with a free consultation.

How Krystal Klear Aligners Can Help Your Health

If you are concerned about your oral health and your smile, clear aligners can be a benefit to you. When your teeth become straighter, they also become easier to clean. Crowded, crooked, and overlapping teeth make it hard to floss correctly. Because of this, you may be more prone to oral health issues such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Being able to floss can prevent your chances of needing root canals, and it can also help you avoid losing your teeth and needing dentures in the future.

Why You May Want Alternatives to Braces

A few options aside from clear aligners also offer benefits you may be interested in. We would love to help you explore your options fully during a free consultation. Options such as clear braces offer distinct advantages over traditional braces. Clear braces provide the same results as traditional metal braces without a noticeable appearance. They also may be able to shorten the length of your treatment.

We can also explore the use of veneers to avoid any prolonged treatment that would shift your teeth. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that get placed over the natural tooth structure designed to give you a “Hollywood smile” with no imperfections. This is certainly an option if you do not want to wait to reap the benefits of orthodontic treatment.

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Call Our Scottsdale Dentist for a Free Consultation

Are you looking for alternatives to braces? We would love to help you get the results that you want without having metal brackets and wires covering up your teeth. Please contact our Scottsdale dentist today to set up a free consultation and learn more about our Krystal Klear aligners.

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