What Are Snap on Dentures?

What Are Snap on Dentures Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentist

Losing your teeth can be terrible. You may suffer from lowered self-esteem as well as trouble eating. These can have huge impacts on your overall health and enjoyment of life. If you are looking into better options that traditional dentures, please keep reading to learn about snap on dentures. Our Scottsdale dentist can provide you with a permanent solution to total tooth loss. Call our office to set up a free consultation.

Replace Your Missing Teeth with Snap on Dentures

If you have lost most or all of your teeth, you are not alone. One-sixth of adults over 65 have complete tooth loss. This can be very distressing. However, people over 65 are not the only population who may experience tooth loss.

Poor dental care can result in tooth loss as can smoking. These both cause damage to your teeth and gums, resulting in loose teeth that are susceptible to falling out. Pregnancy can also cause gum issues that result in tooth loss.

Having snap on dentures can replace these missing teeth to give you a smile that allows you to eat, talk, and smile like normal. Please keep reading to learn more about the process.

Process of Getting Snap on Dentures

When we are determining if you are a good candidate for mini dental implants, we start with a thorough examination of your mouth. We need to get imaging to get a good look at your jawbone structure. Once we have made the determination that you are suited for this treatment, we can begin.

You start with several mini implants placed strategically on the jaw. Unlike traditional dental implants, you do not have to go through a long healing process before we place the denture piece onto your implants.

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The other difference between dental implants and mini dental implants is that, with denture pieces, you can take them on and off for cleanings. They provide the benefits of the look and ease of dentures with the security of implants. That is what makes them such a popular option for people with complete tooth loss.

Call Our Scottsdale Dentist Today

If you have lost your teeth and you are looking for a more secure option than traditional dentures, please do not wait to reach out to our Scottsdale dentist to get a free consultation to discuss snap on dentures. We would be happy to walk you through the treatment process and answer any questions that you have for us. Give us a call today to get on our appointment book.

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