Fix-on-Six Is a More Stable and Natural-Looking Denture Solution

Fix-on-Six in Scottsdale, AZ | Mini Implants | Implant Dentures

For having only three letters, the word “fix” is incredibly versatile. In different contexts, it can mean to repair, fasten, influence, decide, organize, get ready, hold steady, or make permanent. As a noun, it can mean either a solution or a predicament, among other definitions. And now, with the innovation of Fix-on-Six® dentures, we can add one more way that amazing word can be used—as part of a fantastic tooth replacement solution! If you’re looking to replace missing teeth or secure a loose denture, the Fix-on-Six system offers a stable, reliable, and more natural-looking answer to those problems.

What Is Fix-on-Six?

Fix-on-Six in Scottsdale, AZ | Mini Implants | Implant DenturesFix-on-Six® is an implant denture system designed to replace all your teeth using mini dental implants. It offers a superior solution to traditional dentures because the implants provide a much sturdier, stronger foundation for the prosthetic. Conventional dentures simply rest on your gums for support and will lose their fit over time due to your changing mouth structure. When this happens, and the dentures begin to slide around in your mouth, it makes eating and speaking more difficult and causes soreness and irritation.

With the Fix-on-Six system, your roundhouse bridge will never slip or slide around. That’s because we implant six to ten mini implants in the jawbone to firmly anchor or “fix” the prosthetic. With this denture alternative, you never have to worry about removing your bridge for special cleaning or maintenance. Only an implant dentist like Dr. Mann or Dr. Shatkin will remove it during your routine appointments.

Fix-on-Six prosthetics are more stable, comfortable, and functional due to their secure connection to your jawbone. They make daily activities like eating and speaking easier while also solving the oral health issues caused by missing teeth. For example, missing teeth can cause a misaligned bite and create spaces that harbor bacteria, leading to decay and gum disease. Tooth loss can also trigger jawbone deterioration. Without stimulation from the missing tooth roots, your bone diminishes over time, changing your facial structure and oral function. However, the mini implants we use act as replacement tooth roots, maintaining the health and strength of your jawbone.

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Thanks to their use of zirconia, you can trust that your bridge is both durable and natural-looking. Unlike traditional dentures, a zirconia bridge eliminates the bulky pink plastic base, offering a more realistic appearance and feel. For those seeking more secure, comfortable, and visually appealing dentures, Fix-on-Six is a great option.

The Advantage of Mini Dental Implants

The predecessor to Fix-on-Six® was the All-on-4® denture system, which uses larger traditional dental implants for support. However, larger implants come with drawbacks, such as a more invasive placement procedure and a longer healing time. Mini dental implants eliminate many of those drawbacks while providing several quality-of-life enhancements:

  • Minimally invasive placement: We only need a tiny pilot hole to place mini implants. Larger implants require incisions and stitches, leading to longer healing times.
  • Less discomfort: Because we can efficiently place mini implants, patients can return to their normal routines in a day or two with minimal soreness.
  • Faster healing: Traditional implants require six to eight months to fully fuse with the jaw, a process called osseointegration. Mini implants only take about four to six weeks, allowing you to use and enjoy your new teeth much sooner.
  • No bone graft: Some patients aren’t eligible for dental implants without a bone graft surgery. However, the slim profile of mini implants allows us to offer them to a wider range of patients, including those with bone loss.
  • More affordable: Mini implants require less time and fewer appointments due to their simpler placement and faster osseointegration, keeping costs low.

As The Mini Dental Implant Center of America in Scottsdale, AZ, our practice, led by Dr. Mann and Dr. Shatkin, is at the forefront of dental solutions using mini implants. Our commitment to this innovative technology allows us to stay on the cutting edge of tooth replacement techniques.

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Financing Your Fix-on-Six

Of course, it’s important to know the cost of a more comprehensive dental procedure like Fix-on-Six® before committing. During your free consultation, we’ll provide a detailed cost breakdown based on your needs.

At our practice, we focus on making mini implant dentures affordable to all. Our team will work with your insurance company to ensure you maximize your benefits. We also offer financing options with affordable monthly payments that fit any budget. We believe finances shouldn’t hold anyone back from such a transformative dental opportunity.

Schedule Your Free Fix-on-Six Consultation Today

If you want to replace your teeth quickly, efficiently, and affordably, we encourage you to consider Fix-on-Six® dentures. Their combination of natural aesthetics, superior stability, improved functionality, and cost-effectiveness is tough to beat. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Mann or Dr. Shatkin today and take the first step towards a secure, confident smile.

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