Revolutionizing Smiles: Mini Implants as Denture Alternatives

Denture Alternatives in Scottsdale, AZ | Mini Dental Implants

Every so often, an invention comes along that completely revolutionizes its industry. The first iPhone, the electric car, the shoes with the little wheels that turn them into roller skates—all of these objects completely transformed their corner of the world, and new technologies and inventions have built on their success. In the world of tooth replacement, mini dental implants are themselves a revolutionary innovation. Mini implants are the next evolution in implant technology. They provide the same effectiveness and reliability for replacing missing teeth as their larger predecessors at a fraction of the size. If you’re in the market for traditional denture alternatives, implant dentures supported by mini implants are an excellent choice.

What’s Wrong With Traditional Dentures?

Denture Alternatives in Scottsdale, AZ | Mini Dental ImplantsThe conventional set of dentures you’re picturing in your head right now has been around since the mid-20th century. They’ve served their purpose since then but have been outclassed by newer technology. Just as you don’t listen to music on your phonograph, dial the operating switchboard to make a phone call, or send messages via carrier pigeon anymore, there’s no need to use conventional dentures when new innovations offer unparalleled benefits.

Traditional dentures consist of a bulky plastic base and teeth made of porcelain or acrylic resin. They don’t look or feel very natural and don’t offer the durability or functionality of natural teeth. They rely on your gums and suction to the roof of your mouth for stability, which has its drawbacks. As your mouth naturally changes over time, the fit of the denture will also change. This means it will eventually begin to move or slide around in your mouth. Loose dentures can make eating and speaking difficult, and the prosthetic can even fall out unexpectedly. The only way to fix this is with frequent professional relining or messy adhesives, both of which are a pain.

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The final straw against traditional dentures is that they do nothing to stop the deterioration of your jawbone that happens when you lose your teeth. As the jawbone resorbs due to lack of stimulation from tooth roots, your face takes on that “sunken” appearance, making you look older than you actually are.

The Solution: Mini Dental Implants

We can solve all of the problems mentioned above by securing your dental prosthetic with mini dental implants. We place these tiny titanium posts directly into your jawbone, which allows them to support many different restorations, such as bridges, crowns, and dentures. Their connection to the jawbone provides remarkable stability compared to traditional dentures, and that same connection solves the jaw resorption issue by replacing your missing tooth roots. Connecting your teeth to mini implants also allows us to significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the pink plastic base that makes your old-fashioned dentures feel so unnatural.

One aspect of mini implants that may initially make some patients apprehensive is that we place them into your jawbone. The good news is that this process is minimally invasive. It’s also painless, thanks to a local anesthetic and the practiced hands of Dr. Mann and Dr. Shatkin. There’s no surgery, incision, or stitches required—only a tiny pilot hole. The entire process takes just a few minutes per implant, and most patients are surprised by how comfortable they feel during and after the procedure.

Thanks to their small size and simple placement procedure, the healing time for mini implants is significantly reduced, and the entire process is less expensive than using traditional implants for the same purpose. All in all, mini dental implants are the superior choice when considering denture alternatives.

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Denture Alternatives: What Are the Options?

Dentures secured by mini implants are classified as implant dentures. Several varieties of implant dentures are available, each with different levels of stability and functionality.

  • Snap-on dentures: If you want your dentures to be more secure but still removable, then snap-on dentures are the choice for you. You’ll “snap” these overdentures onto 4-8 mini implants during the day and will remove them at night for cleaning. Sometimes, we can even stabilize your existing dentures.
  • Fix-on-Six®: A more secure and functional option, this special type of denture is known as a zirconia roundhouse bridge. A roundhouse bridge is designed to replace all your teeth on the top or bottom without needing a plastic base, allowing for a more natural aesthetic. We fasten the prosthetic to 6-10 mini implants and it will only be removed by an implant dentist like Dr. Mann or Dr. Shatkin during your routine visits.
  • Permanent dentures: The non-removable roundhouse bridge is the most durable and stable of our offerings. Cementing these prosthetic teeth onto 10-12 mini implants offers the most natural-looking and stable tooth replacement solution available today.

Explore Your Denture Alternatives With Mini Implants

If you’re unsure about denture alternatives, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with us. Dr. Mann or Dr. Shatkin will be happy to walk you through the process of placing mini dental implants. Our experienced staff can also show you all the benefits mini implants can provide. Why wait another day? Experience the transformative power of implant dentures and the oral health benefits of mini dental implants today.

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